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Hi!  I'm Becky and I'm really into ENAMEL pins!

I've been designing enamel pins since 2016 and have owned my shop, The Pink Samurai, for 12 years!  Instagram has been my main source of marketing for last few years and I absolutely swear by it!  I've been able to grow not only a customer base, but a community of folks who really care about my products!  I've also had the pleasure of leading workshops teaching other makers how to utilize social media and love seeing indie businesses grow!


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In less than a year, I've grown my IG following from 2k to 20k!  

It took a lot of trial and error and I'd love to share the lessons I've learned with you! Mostly so you don't make the same mistakes I did :P

I send out emails every Monday morning that bring you inspiration and actionable steps to help increase your following and sell more pins.  It's all about leveraging IG to grow your pin business!


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- Testimonial, website

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