Five Reasons to Start Making Enamel Pins Right Now [VIDEO]

5 reasons to start making enamel pins right now.PNG

Let’s talk about the five reasons I think you should start making enamel pins right now!

1. Perfect compliment to creative businesses

Okay, so the first reason is, enamel pins complement basically any other creative field there is. If you're a product based business, if you're a handmade business, enamel pins can fit in so easily to your product line or shop. They're tiny pieces of art, so if you sell any artwork at all, they are just a natural fit for you. If you're selling your art, you can sell pins.

2. Great for non-creative businesses

Number two, they also complement any other business there is. They're great for thank you gifts, kick starter rewards, Patreon tiers, marketing promotional stuff. You can use these in other aspects of your business, and people will be more excited to wear them and rep your company as opposed to giving them a ballpoint pen that'll get lost in their glove box. So really any business can use them.

3. The Market is hot

Number three is that the market is still really hot for pins. I know some people are concerned that the bubble will pop on enamel pins, or that people aren't interested, but I still get messages from people just starting their collections. I've been doing this for three years, and people are still just starting collections and finding my pins. And when I was looking up research for this video, I checked how many searches on YouTube there were for enamel pins just to see how many people were talking about them on YouTube. There are 1.25 million views per month for enamel pins just on YouTube, so this is not going anywhere friends. It's still a good time to get in to enamel pins.

4. The sooner you start the sooner you grow

Number four is the sooner you start, the sooner you can grow. Don't worry about perfection. Don't worry about everything has to just so, just get it done. Do it and get it out there and start going. You can learn as you go. That's what everyone does. I don't want you to worry about putting out something totally perfect and missing out on something you could have done months ago. You know what I mean? So don't worry about it. Just get started now.

5. it’s really fun!

And number five is just that it's super fun. There is nothing more fun to me than new pin day when I get to open up that box and see the physical representation of my artwork. I can hold it in my hand. I can know that people are going to purchase it and wear it and be proud of it. I love it, and it's just really cool. It's just a really, really fun thing to see your artwork in physical form. It's awesome, and I think it'll make you really happy because it makes me super happy.

Okay, so those are my five reasons why I think you should start making enamel pins right now. Enamel pin have changed my business and my life and I absolutely recommend adding them to your shop! Be sure to check out the freebie that I have for you on the steps to start an enamel pin business.